Cannabis Stakeholders Group

The Mission of CANNABIS STAKEHOLDERS GROUP, INC. is to empower the domestic community with educational and community based advocacy for patients, caregivers and other interested persons by influencing and communicating with policymakers  related to cannabis issues.


It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as our Michigan communities are in need. This list details some of our recent initiatives that we need your participation in.

We’re fortunate to have a state full of people who are passionate about  Cannabis Education and Advocacy. Let us all work together and be a unified group!

  Unified Message

  • To donate or be a member of our  organization, CSG, in order to have input and advocate for cannabis education.
  • To help empower our communities to appreciate and understand cannabis issues.
  • Work with Lobbyist and policymakers on cannabis laws.

“I never realized what a need there was for dispensaries until I  became a patient expecting to get edible medicine.  Without dispensaries or Provisioning Centers, I have NO access! I do not know how to grow marijuana nor do I know anyone who I can assign to grow it for me.  Thank you CSG for working on the issue of  safe access."


Susan M,

Medical Marijuana Patient

"When  in the hospital  for cancer treatment, I was too sick to go to a Dr. who was willing to sign me up for medical marijuana therefore, I was unable to legally use medicine which helped with my nausea. This didn't make sense to me.  I appreciate CSG as they are fighting for my rights and policy that does make sense. CSG came to us with open arms.  They have helped me so much.

Kevin S,

Medical Marijuana Patient

The Lives We Impact

Next meetings:

August 28, 2014


CSG News

Thurs. August  28th NEXT MEETING


@GCSI -Governmental Consultant Services, Inc.

120 N. Washington Square, Suite 110- Lansing, Michigan 

2nd floor lounge and multi-purpose room

For reservations or more info call   1 888-420-1017

Sunday August 31, 2014  Dr. William Courtney will be  speaking from  1-2:30 at the Mi Medical  Medical Conference - - GRAND TRAVERSE RESORT 100 Grand Traverse Blvd. Acme, MI

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